Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week 16 Prompt
How have reading and books changed for me? Well, I'm 45 so of course we did not have digital anything when I was a kid :) I have always loved reading and holding an actual book when I'm reading. So, even though I help people daily to download digital books and my daughter reads digital books - I never have. I've never downloaded a book for myself. I still enjoy just holding an actual physical book in my hands and turning the pages. I love turning the pages :) So, though much has changed around me since I was a child, I guess I have not changed. Books twenty years from now? They will still be here. I agree with Le Guin, I think books are here to stay too. I also agree with what she said about the social quality of literature, "The social quality of literature is still visible in the popularity of bestsellers." I see that at the library when patrons say things every day like, "My friend said I just have to read this book."  And I well remember the social craze over the Harry Potter books. Me and my older children were right outside the door waiting to get a copy on the first day. There were some beautiful things said about books in Le Guin's article. I  loved this: "Yet some kids come out of even the worst schools clutching a book to their heart."  I think in the future readers will be like they are now - some will still fall asleep and some will still clutch books to their heart. I don't think the amount of reading will change much. Unfortunately, there are many people who fall asleep when they read, but I think those of us who are the opposite of sleepy when we read will do all we can to ensure that books stick around. I think reading will definitely become more interactive and who knows what else? I'm sure wild, neat things are coming up. A lot of things come and go though, but I think the book is here forever.

Le Guin, U. K. (2008). Staying awake: notes on the alleged decline of reading. Harper's Magazine, 316(1893). 


  1. Hi, I also remember the Harry Potter craze! I read them but I didn't wait in line to get a copy and I wasn't so excited to read them. I do believe that the physical books will be around but the digitized versions of books will continue to grow. Great post!

  2. I think you should download a book and give it a try. You might find that you like it better than holding a book :)

  3. Wonderful final response! Full points!